Monday, February 2, 2009

Manhunt Monday - Martin Ochoa

Martin Rafael Ochoa is a Hispanic male adult, 22 years of age, standing 6'0" tall and weighing approximately 180 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. His last known address was in the 4900 Block of East Saint Louis in Las Vegas.
On August 30 , 2008, Martin Ochoa and another man went th ent to the parking lot of a local business to retrieve a stolen vehicle which had been parked at that location. After returning with the stolen vehicle to a local residence they removed various parts from the car, along with numerous pieces of personal property which had been inside of the vehicle at the
time it was stolen.
After removing the parts and property which they wanted from the vehicle, they began to drive to a location where the car was to be dumped.
During that drive an alert Metro patrol officer saw the vehicle. However before he could conduct a vehicle stop Ochoa and his accomplice managed to elude the officer long enough to stop the car and begin walking away on foot. The officer stopped the two suspect, and arrested them on numerous charges. Following his release from jail on bail, Ochoa failed to show up at his scheduled court appearance, and is currently wanted on one count each of the following felony crimes:
• Auto Burglary,
• Possession of a Stolen Vehicle,
• Grand Larceny,
• Possession of Stolen Property, and
• Conspiracy to Possess Stolen Property
Prior to this event, Ochoa had been arrest for taking a vehicle without owners consent and obstructing a Police Officer.
Anyone with information concerning the location of Martin Rafael Ochoa is urged to contact the L.V.M.P.D. Fugitive detail at 828-3578 or Crime Stoppers at 385-5555

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