Monday, April 27, 2009

Manhunt Monday: Maurice White

WHITE, MA U R I C E MHM for 04/27/09
I.D. # 0631459
Maurice White is a black male adult, 46 years of age, standing 6'0" tall and
weighing 170 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. White has numerous
a.k.a.’s, and often uses the last names of:
• Moser,
• Brown,
• Evans, and,
• Milton,
He also frequently uses the first name of Michael, with the last names of:
• Eggleston,
• Evans,
• Etheridge, and
• Goldman.
Other names used have been:
• Larry Eggleston,
• Keith Johnson,
• Charles Powers, and
• Phillip Sharpe,
What White cannot change are the scars which he has on his forehead, his
left arm , his left cheek, near his right eye, and on his left elbow. He also
sometimes wears glasses.
White’s last known address is in the 3700 block of Shadow tree street in
North Las Vegas.
White has an extensive criminal record including:
• Battery on a Police Officer by a Prisoner,
• Larceny from a person
• numerous counts of burglary,
• numerous counts of theft a and possession of stolen property
• numerous counts of obtaining / possessing credit cards without the
owners consent,
• Conspiracy to commit burglary,
• Conspiracy to commit grand larceny,
• Obtaining money under false pretenses, and traffic related offenses.
In late 2003 White and a female accomplice entered a local hotel casino
intent on victimizing the patrons. The two worked as a team stealing
wallets from the purses of distracted slot machine players. For this crime
White is currently wanted on an outstanding felony warrant for Burglary.
White is still believed to be in the Las Vegas area.
If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Maurice White, you
are urged to contact the L.V.M.P.D. Fugitive detail at 828-3578 or Crime
Stoppers at 385-5555

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Life of Crime Raw

Hope you caught "A Life of Crime" on News 3 at Five. If not, watch at 11pm, or check out the story on the main website. Our story was only a few minutes long, but the inmates spoke for more than 40 minutes in total. So we decided to put up their entire talks here.

Ramon (5:49)
Ramon came to the US from Cuba as a child, and has spent close to three decades on the inside.

Rick Pt. 1 (7:30)
Rick gave up a promising future for fast money.

Rick Pt. 2 (6:35)
Rick shares the story of his prison buddy "KitKatt."

Theresa (3:27)
Theresa's brush with crime has had serious physical and emotional costs.

Brian (4:22)
Brian says its tough to be white behind bars.

Joey (9:12)
We were having problems with Joey's mic, so there was not a lot of him in our TV story. That's unfortunate, because Joey gave some of the most uplifting comments of the night.

Hampton (6:43)
Hampton was a special guest that night. Her story was not included in our TV story. She is not a prisoner, but she is an example of how even after making bad decisions, you can decide to put your life on track.

Manhunt Monday Arrest

Chalk up one more arrest for Manhunt Monday. This morning, Metro Police moved in and made the arrest.
They knew where to find 29 year-old Tyrone McClinton thanks to a tip to Crime Stoppers. He was the very first "Manhunt Monday" suspect of 2009, and now he's the first arrest of the year.
He was wanted for punching his girlfriend in the face and head during an argument. He has a history of domestic violence, and now a third arrest on his record.
Paul Cully Elementary School was briefly on lock-down while officers moved in on the location, near Washington Ave. and Sailor Way. While police were successful in capturing McClinton, a second suspect was able to escape.

A Life of Crime

Tonight on News 3 at 5 and at 11, check out our story on "A Life of Crime." It's a program put on by the North Las Vegas Municipal Court and Police Department, with the help of other law enforcement agencies.
The program starts with a presentation by the NLVPD's Special Operations Unit, which includes the K9 team and the SWAT Teams. It shows just how dangerous police work is for officers, and especially for suspects. Part two brings in inmates from the NLV Detention Center, who tell their stories. That's the part we focused on. Their stories are gritty and harsh. They were scary for me to hear; I'm sure they were even more scary for some of the young children in the audience.
Some of the kids are sent to the program by a judge as one last chance to avoid a juvenile conviction and time at a state facility. Other kids came with their parents, who are hoping to keep their kids out of trouble.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here's something that's FREE, very cool, and potentially life saving. Last Saturday, Krav Maga Las Vegas held a free rape prevention class for women. I'll be sharing a story with you about it, next Friday. The school is holding another FREE class on Saturday, April 25th. I can't encourage you enough to go, if you can. I've learned so many easy, but effective ways to protect myself. Women of all ages showed up to the last class. We walked away with such valuable information. As one woman put it, you no longer feel vulnerable with the techniques you learn. I'll be promoting the class as we get closer to the date, just as a reminder. By the way, some law enforcement officers go to this school to learn some techniques. In fact, the day I was there.. several officers were out back going over what to do during a hostage situation.

Last year, I did a story on Krav Maga. If you want to check it out, follow this link:

And to register for the free rape prevention class, call (702) 240-5166. Here's a link to the website for Krav Maga of Las Vegas.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sexting Follow-Up

Just a quick follow-up on last month's Kids First / Crimetracker 3 team-up on Sexting. The Wall Street Journal published an article questioning the methods of the most frequently quoted study on sexting. We quoted the same study in our stories. It turns out, the survey was conducted online. An expert interviewed by WSJ suggested that people who are likely respond to on-line surveys are also likely to engage in sexting. The implication is that choosing to do the survey on-line skewed the results upward.
Our stories also mentioned the possibility that kids who "sext" could be prosecuted and labeled sex offenders. The Vermont Legislature is considering changes to the law to prevent that.