Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Metro asks all drivers to safely share the road with motorcycles

Recently Las Vegas has experienced several fatal motorcycle accidents. In an effort to stop this deadly trend, Metro is reminding all motorists to do their part and safely share the road with motorcycles.

Research shows that motorcyclists are about 37 times more likely than a car occupant to die in a traffic crash (per miles traveled). Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. Also, motorcycles are some of the smallest vehicles on our valley roadways, and are often hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot.

Metro is offering the following tips for drivers to help keep motorcyclists safe on our roadways:

• Motorcycles are much lighter, and can normally stop much faster, than other vehicles. When following a motorcycle drivers should increase the distance between their vehicle and the motorcycle. A minimum interval of three to four seconds is recommended.
• Always make a visual check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and entering intersections.
• Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic.
• Don’t rely on a flashing turn signal on a motorcycle. Motorcycle turn signals are often not selfcanceling, and riders sometimes forget to turn them off. Wait to be sure the motorcycle is going to turn before you proceed.
• Remember the motorcycle is a vehicle with all of the rights and privileges of any other motor vehicle on the roadway. Always allow a motorcyclist the full lane width—never try to share a lane.

Metro is also offering the following tips for motorcycle riders to increase their own safety:
• Ensure all lights and electrical equipment on your motorcycle is in good working order.
• Remember -- you are smaller and harder to see than other vehicles.
• Avoid riding in poor weather conditions.
• Wear brightly colored protective gear, and a DOT-compliant helmet.
• Use turn signals for every turn or lane change, even if you think no one will see it.
• Combine hand and turn signals to draw more attention to yourself.
• Use reflective tape and stickers to increase visibility.
• Ride well within the capabilities of your motorcycle, and your abilities as a rider.
• Position yourself within the travel lane where you will be most visible to other drivers.

All drivers and motorcyclists are reminded to “Share the Responsibility – Share the Road.”

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