Friday, December 4, 2009

More Cyber-shopping advice from Metro

In an effort to keep consumers safe, the LVMPD is offering the following information for Internet shoppers:

• Beware of fraudulent classified ads or auction sales. Internet criminals post classified ads or auctions for products they do not actually have. They then purchase the items with stolen credit cards and have the merchant ship directly to the buyer. Consumers should be suspicious of any items not shipped directly from the auction site.

• Similarly, be careful when purchasing gift cards from auction sites. The card you receive may be stolen and therefore deactivated.

• Always compare the link in an email to the link you are directed to; they should match.

• Be leery of emails or text messages you receive indicating a problem with your financial accounts.

• Beware of spoofed web sites. A spoofed web site is a fake site or copy of a real web site that misleads the recipient into providing personal information that is routed to the criminal’s personal computer.

• Do not respond to unsolicited (spam) email.

• Log-on directly to an official web site. Don’t use an email link to the web site and then log-on; you may have been redirected without your knowledge.

• Be suspicious of a business that only has a P.O. Box as an address.

• Get everything in writing.

• Verify the identity of the company and/or salesperson. Remember, criminals use false names! You can verify license numbers through the Better Business Bureau.

• Ask yourself, “What guarantee do I have that this solicitor will use my money in the manner we agreed upon?”

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