Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nervous interviews

Today I did an interview with Las Vegas Metro Sgt. Misty Pence for a story to air Friday at six. Metro's Public Information Officer, Bill Cassell, told me ahead of time that this was her first tv interview, and that she was nervous. That's a situation we encounter a lot. I usually try to crack a few jokes while the photographer sets up the lights and microphones, and then I'll start asking about some other subject, like the memorabelia on their office walls. It turns out, Sgt. Pence was just fine.

Here's a behind the scenes video I made with photographer Nick Pantazzi, Officer Cassell, and Sgt. Pence. I left out the substance of her interview (you'll have to wait until Friday for that), but included a bit where she explained some funny quotes she has written on a white board in her office. (The quotes are a little odd out of context, so I decided not to show you them.) The point is even the police turn to humor when the job gets emotionally difficult.

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