Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teen Text Party Alert

Today Metro sent out a media advisory about the dangers of spreading the word about a party via text message. Crimetracker 3 first covered the story last Friday, December 12th. Here's Metro's release:

With the holidays fast approaching, Metro would like parents to be aware of one of the reasons planned juvenile parties often grow larger than expected.
Metro is seeing an increasing amount of juvenile parties getting out of hand in the Las Vegas Valley due to the appearance of uninvited guests. A party that was intended to be a small gathering for 10-15 friends often turns into a large gathering of hundreds of people, due to the invited guests text messaging all of their friends and advising them of the parties location.
These uninvited guests often bring weapons, drugs and alcohol to the party, and are often from rival gangs. Many times they cause a large disturbance in the neighborhood because of parking
problems, littering and loud music. More serious crimes, such as burglaries and auto thefts, are
sometimes discovered following the party, and because of the unintentional presence of rival gang factions, these events often end in violence.
There are steps parents can take to prevent this from happening at their house:
1. Advise their children to invite their friends via the phone, so the invitation cannot be forwarded.
2. Advise the invited guests they are not allowed to bring any other guests.
3. If during the party things get out of hand, call the police and request assistance in ending
the party.
4. Parents who are leaving town and leaving their teenage children at home should notify
their neighbors of this fact, and request the neighbor call the police if they believe there is a
prohibited party at the residence.
Parents need to be aware they are responsible for what happens in their home, even if they are not present. Homeowners could face both civil and criminal repercussions for the actions of those at the party.

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