Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Life of Crime Raw

Hope you caught "A Life of Crime" on News 3 at Five. If not, watch at 11pm, or check out the story on the main website. Our story was only a few minutes long, but the inmates spoke for more than 40 minutes in total. So we decided to put up their entire talks here.

Ramon (5:49)
Ramon came to the US from Cuba as a child, and has spent close to three decades on the inside.

Rick Pt. 1 (7:30)
Rick gave up a promising future for fast money.

Rick Pt. 2 (6:35)
Rick shares the story of his prison buddy "KitKatt."

Theresa (3:27)
Theresa's brush with crime has had serious physical and emotional costs.

Brian (4:22)
Brian says its tough to be white behind bars.

Joey (9:12)
We were having problems with Joey's mic, so there was not a lot of him in our TV story. That's unfortunate, because Joey gave some of the most uplifting comments of the night.

Hampton (6:43)
Hampton was a special guest that night. Her story was not included in our TV story. She is not a prisoner, but she is an example of how even after making bad decisions, you can decide to put your life on track.

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