Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crime by the Numbers - Bolden Area

The downward crime trend in Metro's jurisdiction looks to continue in the new year, but the Crime Tracker 3 has found out Metro definitly has some areas of concern.  This week's focus is on the Bolden Area Command. Overall, violent crime is down 33-percent so far this year, and property crime is down 27-percent.
In the last week, bolden area officers looked at crime data and saw a trend: a rise in burglaries in a neighborhood just west of their substation, between Simmons and Tonopah, south of Lake Mead Boulevard. We spoke with Lt. Rob Lundquist.

The officers who visited that neighborhood found some simple problems, like poor lighting or overgrown bushes. Metro detectives are still working on the harder problem -- finding and arresting the suspects in those burglaries. If you want a crime prevention specialist to check out your home and neighborhood, just call your police station.

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