Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crime by the Numbers - Convention Center Area

As the Crime Tracker 3 team looks back at crime trends for 2009 and asks about police priorities in 2010, one area of focus that emerges is Sexual Assault. As 2009 ended, there were more than 1,500 sexual assaults in Metro's jurisdiction, an increase of more than 8%.
Last week, we asked the Captain from Enterprise Area about that trend. The trend is different in the Convention Center Area, because of the nature of that area. Convention Center sees fewer cases of incest and more "acquaintance-related" sexual assaults, especially incidents where the two acquaintances only met the night of the incident.
Captain Charles Hank talks about the subject, and what he and his officers are already doing about it.

Auto burglary was also a concern in the Convention Center area in 2009. We also asked Capt. Hank about that subject.

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