Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Extra - Classifieds Crime List

Don't forget to watch part one of CrimeTracker 3's investigation into "The Classifieds Crime List" tonight on News 3 at 5. Until then, we have a web extra: some additional safety advice from Metro Lt. Clint Nichols.

Craigslist has it's own safety advice that it offers to all customers. We also asked the company for additional comment for our story, and here's what we received from their public relations firm:

Use of craigslist in connection with any crime is unwise and quite rare. It virtually guarantees immediate apprehension and prosecution. An electronic trail to the perpetrator is inevitably left behind, and craigslist actively cooperates with law enforcement.

For tips on safety specifically on craigslist, you'll see that we provide warnings on every page. The #1 rule which I urge you to tell your viewers/readers is to ONLY DEAL WITH PEOPLE YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON LOCALLY. Do that and you'll avoid 99% of all scam attempts.

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