Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Latest Buzz from Metro Police

Meet Donovan Duarte - a "career criminal," says Metro Police Capt. Michael Dalley.
Duarte is also an alleged ringleader of a Southwest-Enterprise car theft crime spree. He was arrested Monday as cops were looking for someone else.
As this city goes, sometimes you do get lucky - in this case, Metro, not Duarte. The 38-year-old is believed to be behind a signicant increase of stolen cars and auto burglaries.
And since Crime Tracker doesn't just report on what's happening in your neighborhood, we want to help you out too - does your car make this list of "Most Stolen Vehicles?–wheels
Don't forget this catchy mantra from Capt. Dalley: Lock, Take, Hide. Basically, use your keys to keep the car shut, remove your stuff/valuables/anything you care about or put them in a spot where the bad guys can't see them.

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