Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crime by the Numbers - Intelligence-led Policing

The past two captains in Las Vegas Metro's Bolden Area Command have been proponents of "intelligence-led policing." This week, 16 officers, two from each area command, are getting special training at UNLV's Department of Criminal Justice, to learn about databases and analysis techniques. Next week, they will be prepared with civilian crime analysts who work at Metro. The objective will be to have a team in each area command that will look for emerging crime trends and assist the bureau commander in making daily (and possibly more frequent) adjustments in police deployment and patrol activities, aimed at more efficient police work.
Sgt. Jack Clements with Metro's Bolden Area Command explains the idea to Crime Tracker 3's Sophia Choi.

Metro also has a partnership with UNLV, where graduate students will also look at crime reports. The students will be searching for other kinds of patterns in data that can be compared to crime trends. For example, they might look at possible connections between foreclosuers and crime, to see if that strongly-suspected link is supported by data, and to identify if there is some number or density of foreclosed homes that triggers an increase in crime.

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