Monday, January 5, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Manhunt Monday

One of the cooler things the Crime Tracker 3 team does is our "Manhunt Monday" report. It airs live in our 5pm news, and we tape it for our 10pm newscast on the CW, cable channel 6. We also tape a 15 second version that appears several times during the week, in all sorts of programs at all hours of the day. That way, we can even get some of our Manhunt faces in front of people who may not even watch our newscasts. All of that requires some cooperation between our team, the KVBC production staff, and our promotions guru, Carol Boisvert. She's the person you see first in this behind the scenes vLog.

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Anonymous said...

Carol Boisvert is awesome! But then she's my cousin. You go girl!!! Long way from Whitefish Montana!!! We are all very proud of you. I wish we did this type of media info in California.