Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stalking Survey

A Department of Justice study on the prevalence of stalking resulted in some surprising numbers.

Survey tracks scope of stalking

NEW YORK (AP) -- Federal crime experts say an estimated 3.4
million Americans have a disturbing thing in common -- they've
identified themselves as victims of stalkers.
Victims tend to be young women. The stalker is most commonly an
It can be aggravating and terrifying. About 130,000 victims said
problems related to the stalking caused trouble at work, with some
people saying it ended up costing them their job.
About half of the victims experienced at least one unwanted
contact per week. Eleven percent had been stalked for five years --
or more.
More than one-third of the victims reported being followed or
spied upon; some said they were tracked by electronic monitoring,
listening devices or video cameras.
The Justice Department report looks at a 12-month period in

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