Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crimefighting Cat Catastrophe

My poor Boo. Maxxaline's having surgery in the AM. He has some sort of cyst on his neck. And it kept growing. And growing. It's about the size of a nickel. Now, it's going to get cut out. His first clue that something's up will be tomorrow morning when he doesn't get fed on time. Doctor's order: No food after midnight. That, my friends, will be a nightmare. Trust me. He won't stop yapping and nagging. That's his M-O if I'm not right on time with the food. So wish me luck, because he doesn't go in until 9 AM and he normally gets fed at 6 AM. Oh, boy! Three hours of harassment. My little Junebug, as I call him, will be at the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. The vets there rock! I'm sure he'll be fine, but prayers are definitely welcome. We'll keep you posted on our Crimefighting Cat. Here's some video of Maxxaline, before his trip to the vet.

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