Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We thought we'd introduce you to yet another member of the Crimetracker 3 Team. It's Maxxaline. He's a crafty kitty, who tracks down home invaders (like bugs and other critters). He sounds the alarm (a quack, more than a meow) whenever something's wrong.. like when someone's coming, going or even just sitting. But more than likely, it's a call for more food. Maxx is in direct competition with another member of the News 3 Team. Sparkle Reagan Jacobs.

We think Sparkle is the reason Alicia, our entertainment correspondent, gets so many hits on her blog. We hope Maxx will do the same for us. But first, we have to fix our computer comment problem. Turns out, we have no comments because the dang thing wouldn't accept any. Ugh. But we think that problem has been fixed. And now Maxx is on board. We hope you are too.

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