Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A personal stalking experience

January is National Stalking Awareness month. So in light of that, I wanted to share a couple of personal experiences I've had with stalking. During the course of my job, I get a lot of people mailing, emailing and sending gifts. It's all very nice. But on rare occassions, a fan will go overboard. For example, one fan started sending me roses. I didn't think it was a big deal or anything to worry about until he sent me nine dozen, at once! That's when security at CNN, where I used to work, stepped in. They tracked him down and questioned him. I'm not sure what happened after that. But he stopped sending me roses.
In college, I had an ex boyfriend follow me. He would also call at all hours, to make sure I was home. I never got a restraining order. Looking back, maybe I should have. I just cut off all contact, moved and never saw him again.
I'm sure my stories are not unique. So many women (and men) are victims of stalking. But they don't always realize it, when it's happening. Stalking is more than just someone lurking and following you around. It's any unwanted attention and harassment. It can happen to anyone. It happened to me.


Tom said...

It's too bad that people go to such extremes. I'm glad you got through it and are safe. Best wishes and hopes that it never happens again.

Anonymous said...

That guy who sent you nine dozen roses over did it a bit there! Wow! One would have been just fine and yellow at that, red is for romance! The sad thing is for most of us guys, we really don't know how to say we like someone properly without over doing it or looking silly, we never get a good education in that area. Now, the poor sap will most likely never, ever approch a woman again! That's the downside to the human contidtion, it's so hard to figure out our own hearts!